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Easy, Effective, and Introverted ways to Sell Books

If you've just published a book, or are thinking about publishing a book, you'll soon realize that the author is the book's primary marketer. Often times, you are the only marketer. Many will tell you to schedule book signings and visit book clubs. Those are good ideas. You will sell books doing those things, but that is a problem for many of us. We creative types tend to be introverts. The thought of public speaking and meeting a bunch of people just doesn't appeal to us. While I do recommend going to the book clubs and book signings anyway, I realize that some have to build up to that. For those who aren't ready for the spotlight, and those that just want a few more ways to market your book, here are three effective and simple ways to market your work.

A great free way for self-publishers to get exposure for your book or offer is to join forums that are in your niche. In most forums, you are allowed to place a "signature" in your profile that is automatically added when you finish a post. Add a link to your signature that leads to the site you want to send them to. Each time someone reads your post, they will see your signature link. Make certain that your posts have substance. If you just say "great post" or leave generic comments you won't get many clicks. To find a forum, do an internet search using your subject and the word forum.

What are you doing right now? You are reading an informative article on a subject that interests you. How did you find it? Most likely you linked from another site or this came up in an internet search. That is the essence of article marketing. It provides useful knowledge to those with questions. By writing articles on your niche or subject you establish yourself as an authority. After all, we are writers aren't we? Doesn't it make sense to use our writing skills to market our work? Use the resource box that the article submission site provides to put in your bio and link to your blog, book, or offer. Just remember that the article you write must give quality information. Bad articles will get you nowhere.

Ezines are an oft missed gem of advertising. There are literally thousands of ezines and newsletters on the web, each with a highly targeted Audience. If you have a book about woodworking, there is a woodworking and craft ezine for you. If you have a weight loss book or product, there is a weight loss and dieting ezine. The vast majority of these sell both solo ads and classified ads. Email the publisher for availability and rates.

There is another goldmine that people miss with ezines. While the techniques written about in this article are effective, this tip alone makes the time you spent reading worth it. Remember those articles you wrote for article marketing? You can develop a relationship with the publisher of an ezine in your market, and then submit articles for publication in their ezine. Of course you include links to you work, product, or squeeze page. Think of it, a large segment of your target audience seeing you as an authority and a convenient link to click so they can learn more. It doesn't get much better than that.

I hope you do schedule the book signings and meetings with book clubs. People are the ones who buy our books. But, if you need some time to work up to that, try the three methods. You'll be pleased with the results.
Jason is an Author, business owner, and self-publisher. With his Lovely wife Carol, they have three children and two grandchildren. Jason's first self-published childen's book is read in eight countries. Jason reminds you that to build your following on line you must be able to attract quality traffic. Go to for a free 11 day traffic e-course

How to Prepare a Masters Dissertation

Completing your master’s dissertation as a student studying a Masters course is the turning point of your academic life.  To get a degree without any burdensome steps, you should know what it takes to write an impressive masters dissertation. Note that the effort you put in the preparation stage will determine the success of your dissertation.

  1. Your proposal and feedback
The biggest challenge when writing masters dissertation proposal is selecting the topic you want to propose. It is your job to come up with an interesting topic. Explain to your committee why there needs to be more study on the topic. Try analyzing the possibilities and suitability of a few topics. Remember that this stage is crucial as serves as a contract between you and the committee. Failure to satisfy the committee means that you must redo your proposal.

  1. Advance from the proposal
The committee will go through your master’s dissertation proposal and provide feedback. If successful, you can advance to the next step, commencing the actual research process. At some point, you might find yourself deviating from the initial focus. It is always important to keep your professor and master’s dissertation committee informed of the changes.

  1. Organize your research material
You cannot expect to begin writing a masters dissertation immediately you collect your research material. First, you must analyze the material and organize in different categories. Follow the acceptable master’s dissertation writing format, which is acceptable worldwide. Each of the following sections should stand independently.


-literature review






  1. Tables and figures
When presenting and analyzing your findings and results in masters dissertation, figures and tables should help interpret results. Use figures and tables carefully to enhance your points. Ensure that they are appropriately used, simple and clear.

-Do not jam up your figures and tables; you can break your tables if any additional data is needed.

Do not repeat what is presented in the tables again in the text.

  1. Requirements of your degree
Before you begin the process of writing a masters dissertation, understand the instructions and requirements of your degree. Most universities expect a dissertation to be organized in a specific format. Other institutions will require several publications for the whole research. Each institution has unique requirements. Find out what your university expects and keep in mind when writing a masters dissertation.

Once completed, ensure you revise, edit, and proofread your work. This is an important assignment; you cannot to mess it up. No matter how informative your dissertation is a few grammatical mistakes or plagiarism issues can render it meaningless. Worse still, you could be punished for submitting plagiarized content. Make your advisors your closest companions during this process.

With the above general framework as a guide, you will avoid revisions, frustrations, and penalties. Put everything aside and give yourself sufficient time to write your masters dissertation.  A winning dissertation takes hard work, extensive research, and thorough analysis of content.

Sarah Walker is an expert dissertation writer associated with Best Essay Service. She works with a team of Masters and PhD degree holders to help students complete dissertation projects on time.

How To Write Web 2.0 Content That Interests Online Readers

Modern "web 2.0" writing consists of writing copy for websites, blogs, social media sites, digital publications, press releases, and so forth. Online readers tend to act more impatiently because they expect to find what they are seeking within at least ten seconds of their search. The standard time users spend reading online content is around 15-20 seconds. For this reason, you need to appeal to the reader to visit your website within that timeframe. To accomplish this goal, you need to write informative content that greatly interests readers.

Here are my 5 favorite tips to improve your writing.

Tip 1: Always write clearly, and know what message you want to communicate in your copy. Online readers are quite eager to move from article to article. If you write content that readers struggle to understand, then you can bet that these readers will not return to your website a second time. Convey your thoughts, ideas and concepts clearly, and your readers can learn something valuable from you.

Tip 2: Always write concisely. This differs from writing clearly. Here, you want to be direct and to the point. Avoid writing flowery, pompous, descriptive prose. Online readers don't have time to read long-winded sentences that go nowhere. Concise writing is important to hold readers' attention. Writing concisely allows you to explain your topic clearly and with more impact.

Tip 3: Begin the first paragraph with the main point of your message. The first sentence of the paragraph should clue the reader into what you are about to discuss. Online readers like to "speed read" through content; if you put the main point first in every paragraph, then the reader is more likely to spend time reading the full content. Avoid writing the history or past facts about a topic until you have discussed the main point; then you can expand on the topic with supporting details. It is also good writing practice to vary sentence and paragraph length because it is easier on the eyes,

Tip 4: Write copy with a 2% or less keyword-density ratio. If you tend to shove in keywords and phrases in an attempt to rank higher in Google, you are doing an injustice to your readers. Do not clog informative articles with keywords because you will destroy the integrity of the information. Readers hate keyword-stuffing, and Google hates it even more. This isn't to say that you shouldn't use keywords; but be discreet and favor useful content over keyword-stuffing.

Tip 5: Retain the keyword distance and keyword density while writing your copy. Use only one keyword in one sentence or every 2-3 sentences. You can calculate keyword-density by dividing the sum of each keyword by the sum of words in the copy. Stuffing too many keywords in your content will have a negative effect on your website so use keywords and phrases sparingly.

Always remember these tips when writing content for online readers. You should aim to: 1) attract readers; 2) increase traffic; 3) convert readers into customers; and 4) increase online sales.
This article was written by Brian Scott, a professional freelance copywriter. To learn more tips on how towrite concisely in plain English, visit Brian's free website,

Analysis of new tutoring software

A good vocabulary builder program

The vocabulary builder
I am an international student at the University of British Columbia and I was recently researching new software programs that increase reading speed and comprehension. I tried out a few programs but one that really stood out was techno-tutor.

My favorite feature of the program is the vocabulary builder. As soon as you have created your account, you can choose your training level, select a word list and start your training. After working with techno tutor for a whole week, the results i saw were amazing. Not only was there an improvement in my reading speed and comprehension but i was also able to use my new found vocabulary in my school work and everyday language which boosted my confidence and my grades. What is amazing is that it’s possible to import any kind of word list, there is no limitation to the vocabulary or language learned so it was very useful for me.

Based on interviews with parents using the system and having read their website and used the program myself, I would give this tutoring on line service a seven star rating. They seem to have a software program that can fit anyone’s needs from children in kindergarten and even university students. Many tutoring services do not offer such a depth of interaction but with this program will help you gain confidence very fast, and while using it you feel more and more motivated to continue your training.

Ranking of Other customers are also reporting excellent tutoring services reviews about this company. On their website there are many success stories that seem amazing.The program is not easy at the start but once you get used to it, it becomes quite fun and educational. I feel that the program works and provides the benefits promised. This company operates both in the States and Canada and from my experience I do recommend their service.

These tutoring services allow you to schedule help around your lifestyle, easily find a tutor that is qualified, and pay for only the help that you actually need. It's important to know what to look for in tutoring services so that you can find one that is perfectly suited to your needs.
Hello my name is Jonathan Karagalu I am an international student at the University of British Columbia. I am studying engineering and am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge of the world

How to Use Article Writing Services in a Business

Website owners should first of be aware of the different web content available. These include articles, press releases and blogs. The different types of content are different in format and also vary in the number of words. A website can also set a recommended number of words that the writers should comply with. The various types of content are able to meet different people and thus should provide appropriate and well researched information.

Article writing services should also make use of appropriate keywords on the content. Keywords should be related to the company and should also be precise and concise. The choice of appropriate keywords helps in search engine optimization. The owner of the website should give directions on the type of keywords to use. The article writing companies can also be given the mandate of searching for appropriate keywords to use on the articles.

The keywords should be of an appropriate number so as to avoid spamming. Keyword density is a vital consideration to be made. This is due to the fact that keywords have the potential of increasing the visibility of a website and can also lead to the blocking of the websites by search engines. The most ideal number of keywords is between 2 and 5% of the entire content. Article writing services are very keen in following these guidelines so as not to get the website accused of stuffing. Stuffing and other unethical practices are picked up quite easily by the search engines and these violations can result into hefty penalties from the search engines.

The articles generated should be of high quality and should meet the guidelines set by the business owner. Good article writing services should be able to generate well researched articles with fresh and original content. The content should also be up to date and should include the very latest information regarding the company. The quality of the article determines the position that the company will be granted by the search engines. A website should also be able to produce blogs and press releases regularly so as to keep its content relevant and updated.

Article writing services keep track of the latest SEO trends developed. The search engines regularly come up with new rules for their writers and this must be put into account at all times. Professional article writing companies are able to pick up these guidelines as soon as they are churned out and this helps to keep their work relevant and up to date. It is therefore recommended that a business makes use of article writing services so as to improve its visibility on the search engines.
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Developing Exceptional Freelance Article Writing Services

Have you ever thought that you could provide article writing services by making good use of your free time? A person who has an inclination and aptitude to write but is yet to set out on this adventurous path may well wonder how experienced writers seem to almost effortlessly produce brilliant articles that are engaging and properly targeted to a particular audience. In order to be able to master the art of writing, you need to overcome a mindset that is negative and inhibits any productive efforts towards learning how to write.

It is known from experience that effort and sacrifice are necessary ingredients to learn any new skill. Experienced writers have had to overcome many obstacles both within and without enabling them progress in their careers. This is especially true for freelance article writers since this naturally calls for a higher level of self-discipline to set goals and meet them consistently.

Given the extremely busy schedule of most people today, and with tight daily deadlines to meet at work, the most probable negative mindset you may have is that of a lack of time. This seems to make a lot of sense although we know that anyone who wants to do something can create time.

It is amazing how much time a person can create by avoiding unnecessary chit chats at work or striving to be punctual when working by not spending more time than is required reading the newspaper in the morning. Time can be created and if you begin by writing about a topic of interest you will be pleasantly surprised how little time this can take.

It is also a good to jot down the main points of an idea that come to you while you are in the midst of other chores. When the moment comes for you to write articles it would be much easier to do so since you already have noted points that will act as a guideline for writing of the article.

Another common excuse many potential article writing services professionals may have is the thinking that they are not creative enough. This is truly a negative and false perception with no basis on reality. It is true that some people are inherently more creative than others. However, if a person enjoys writing then it is possible to acquire the skill with practice and the passage of time. This excuse could also be a camouflage for laziness since if a person develops a habit of reading; they will get many ideas that can be possible themes for writing in future.

The fear of failure is a subtle but a very highly inhibiting factor from developing writing knowhow. In order for an individual to venture into furnishing clients with article writing services this hindrance needs to be overcome. It is rare in deed for a person's first article to be a masterpiece therefore not succeeding in initial attempts can be an opportunity of learning as a preparation for future success. This gradual gaining of expertise also equips one to be capable of training other individuals with an interest in learning how to be outstanding article writing services professionals.
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How to Excel In Web Content Writing

Web content writing involves writing different types of articles about a variety of topics with the aim of gaining the readership of a specific group of people for whom the article is positioned to attract. There is a vast amount of information on the internet and there's easy access to it too. It is very important that web content writers should learn how they can produce articles that are articulated and exciting for the web audience. This is because internet users scan information and will not waste time on content that has no purpose or meaning and will only read on content that interests them.

Web content writing has some rules that need to be adhered to in order to achieve success. The content must be keyword enriched to attain search engine optimization. The article must to be comprehensive and well structured. This implies that it is always a good idea to have a guideline of the main ideas that you intend to cover in the article before setting out to write. This is also useful as it gives the writer a chance to judge whether the number of ideas are sufficient to be the subject of the article. If they are not enough this would be the appropriate time to brainstorm for more points.

The ideas also need to flow to increase the understandability of the content. For example if the content includes instructions on how to cook, the information should follow the temporal order in cooking the particular dish. Any language that is complicated will be avoided by readers who may not have the time or resources to keep checking out the meanings of unfamiliar terms in the article.

Clichés will make the article boring while use of flashy words will reduce the believability of the facts therein contained in the work. Browsers are generally skeptical of information they read on the internet and therefore the tone of the article should aim to be as natural as possible.

Web content writing is successful when meaningful information is communicated without using superfluous words. This presentation of the message makes a lot of difference by determining just how acceptable the article will be. Ideas therefore need to be arranged in paragraphs, with each paragraph covering one idea. The concepts must be introduced starting with the most substantial ones and ending with the less material ones. This increases how intelligible the discourse will be and also captures the targeted readers who scan the first lines of an article as they determine if it is worthwhile to continue reading the piece.

Relevant captions should be used. These headlines should not be showy and indirect since it means potential readers would have to spend more time in trying to figure out exactly what the article is about. Impartial words should be used as they increase the trustworthiness of the content. Promotional texts should be sparingly used and subheadings need to be catchy while making use of simple language. By following these uncomplicated rules, any one committed web content writing should excel.
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